Emmerdale's Kate Oates talks Val's HIV storyline and the soap's 'huge' 2014

From winning Midday money with Richard and Judy to discussing what she's making happen in Emmerdale with Phil and Holly - This Morning has certainly evolved for producer Kate Oates.

She said: "It was a big day! And now I’m here, hooray. Who would have thought it?"

It has been a busy old time on Emmerdale of late and you can attribute that non-stop action in part to Kate, who loves to make things exciting.

Kate explained: "The pacing of the stories is something that is paramount really when you’re doing this kind of job. When I did take over last year I wanted to make sure that those big moments were there."

For Kate, the village itself plays a huge role in the show.

"We have a village – Emmerdale is so beautiful," she said.

"Whenever I go to the village, you look around and think: 'this is amazing'. I wanted to use the village as much as I can."

In 2014 a few familiar faces will be returning to the show including Verity Rushworth, who played Donna Windsor-Dingle.

And, of course, the hard-hitting storylines will continue.

Kate said: "We'll be looking at HIV in a straight, white married woman. For soap fans, the last time they would have seen this was with EastEnders Mark Fowler. Things have changed so dramatically I wanted to tell a story that informed people properly. I wanted to show people that their assumptions of HIV could be wrong.

"Val shares the stigmas that I want to bust through – she’s a woman of a certain generation."

Kate closed her interview by saying: "I just want this coming year to be huge for us."

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