Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day plans to shake-up our diets

As he continues on his quest to revolutionise the way we eat and think about food, Jamie Oliver joined This Morning to talk about his latest project – a special day dedicated to the importance of cooking healthy food from scratch.

Determined to save us from fatty, unhealthy processed junk, Jamie has set up an event called Food Revolution Day, which aims to educate people about good honest fare and making the best use of it.

Held on May 17, it's designed to encourage people all over the world from workplaces, schools, universities and communities, to cook together, share their kitchen skills and their food and resources.

“After all the projects I’ve done in Britain, school food etc, and in Australia and America, through the internet it became very clear there was lots of similar like-minded people around the world.

“We’re at an interesting time in history where more people are dying from eating too much of the wrong food rather than having too little,” Jamie explained.

Jamie added: “It’s an opportunity for parents, organisations, activists, to come together and have a voice on Food Revolution Day.”

In addition to Food Revolution Day, Jamie is also throwing a special food festival called Feastival, which runs from August 31 until September 1 on Alex James’ farm.

“There’s a massive emphasis on learning and craft, and getting people involved, and loads of music – and the most amazing festival food ever,” Jamie explained.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Jamie is also launching a brand new book which will see him share recipes for really cheap dishes, helping people to eat well on a budget.

“The book is an interesting one, it’s really been decided by the public through online [activity] and what people want. I’m literally about to put to bed a book dedicated to saving money and saving time. Every recipe in the book is under £2.40, under £2...

“It’s delicious food you want to eat that is way cheaper than a takeaway.”

Find out more about the chef and his big plans by checking out the video in the player above.

Find out more about Food Revolution Day and also check out details on Feastival.

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