Call 911! It's time for some Body Shakin'

Lee, Jimmy and Spike, otherwise known as former chart toppers 911, have shot back in to the public eye thanks to their participation on hit TV series The Big Reunion. Now the lads are in the studio to discuss how their lives have changed since their pop stardom heyday.

Their first TV appearance was on GMTV in 1995, hosted by none other than This Morning's own Eamonn Holmes. Prior to that, Jimmy and Spike had been backing dancers on the late night dance music show The Hitman and Her. When they met lead singer Lee Brennan, 911 was born.

The band would go on to win the hearts of fans all over the world.

Talking about their recent reunion, Lee said: "We just agreed to tell the truth about everything and be completely open."

Spike reminisces: "Back in the day, we would be rehearsing our dance moves in one room and next door Take That would be practising their moves. This was before either band had a record deal."

Lee admits that when he first met Spike and Jimmy, "I was starstruck because I recognised them as the dancers from The Hitman and Her. The good thing is we all clicked straight away. It just felt right."

Nowadays it's getting a bit harder to do the famous vibrating Body Shakin' dance, as Spike briefly demonstrates, but the lads are raring to go and begin touring on May 3, followed by some big Christmas dates to follow.

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