Coronation Street’s Bill Roache talks about the power of love

William Roache recently hit the headlines after it was claimed the Coronation Street actor had given up sex in order to channel all his energies in a way that could help heal others.

Today he joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the This Morning sofa as he explained the truth behind the sensational headlines, and what is really going on.

“I haven’t given up sex! I’m with a little group of people, a very small group, and we have a message. We are not a religion, we are not a cult, we speak to everybody – atheists, religious people etc, and our message is love,” Bill explained.

“I’m talking about the most powerful force in the universe – the real love. It is the foundation of all things.

“We have public meetings we’re not asking people to join us as a group. “We’re asking people to listen to the message. If it resonates with you, take it, follow it. If it doesn’t, then fine.”

Bill also spoke about the healing aspect of the group, adding: “Most of us in the group are healers, that’s part of it, I’m a healer, I’m a Reiki healer. In the interval in the group we do healing.

“People come and listen to the message of pure love, and if every human being could just know that and be that it would solve all our problems.”

Bill’s beliefs helped him through one of the toughest points of his life, when his beloved wife Sara died suddenly in 2009.

He explained: “I already had an understanding that we are spiritual beings, we come from the spiritual realm and we go back there...

“When Sara died I knew she’s gone to a very special place and she’s fine. You don’t need to grieve for someone because they’ve died, You can grieve for someone because you miss them but they’re fine, they have gone home.”

In addition to promoting the message of love, Bill spoke about his belief that it is possible to communicate with animals telepathically.

Check out the video in the player above for much more from Bill Roache.

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