Jamie Oliver talks new book’s ‘incredible’ money saving dishes

You might think eating tasty, good quality food will break the bank, but Jamie Oliver is on a mission to prove that’s just not true.

He’s tried to clean up our diets our school dinners, and now the celebrity chef wants to show how easy it is to whip up great food that’s cheap to make, with his new cookbook Save with Jamie.

Explaining how the latest book came about, the chef said on This Morning: “On social media I get quite involved on Twitter and Facebook and stuff like that, and I had just finished another book I was really happy with, but the volume of people saying, ‘we want really bright, interesting food that’s affordable’ [was overwhelming].

“It’s the only time I’ve ever said, ‘stop’, put the phone calls in and said we’re not doing the that.

“We spent six months work-shopping out on the street, at supermarkets, looking into waste and ways of saving money. And I thought, ‘If I come up with a book where the dishes were optimistic and beautiful, but cost about third of the price of a fast food dish [it would work].”

There’s an age-old argument that eating healthily is more expensive than eating ‘junk food’, but the average family spends a massive £2,000 a year on takeaways.

“If you get four classic big meals from certain fast food places we’re talking nearly £20, you can have incredible luxurious food for half of that, even quarter of that.”

To prove that, Jamie whipped up his dish, roasted squash, spinach and feta cheese rotolo, that comes in at roughly 80p - £1.30 a portion, on the show.

Check out Jamie’s cooking session now. We also have the [recipe for Jamie Oliver’s rotolo.]http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/squash-spinach-pasta-rotolo)

Watch the video above for more from Jamie, including why he feels he’s ‘like Marmite’ with his outspoken comments often landing him in the newspapers.

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