Mentalist David Meade's celebrity mind-reading challenge

The Mentalist David Meade attempts to read the minds of Phillip, Holly and our celebrity guests Christine Hamilton, Lionel Blair and Jeff Brazier - will he get it right?

David says he's not a psychic, but that he's learnt skills and techniques from visiting psychics on over 150 occasions. He doesn't use these skills to put people in touch with their dead loved ones, but focuses on the psychology of people's psyche and their decision making.

But will his skills work on our presenters, plus celebrities Christine Hamilton, Lionel Blair and Jeff Brazier? It's all in the mind!

Asked on what the difference is between himself and a magician, David said: "A mentalist is someone who didn't have the charisma to convince women to get into boxes."

His first challenge was to get Holly to randomly choose different coloured markers to colour in a drawing-by-numbers. He had earlier put his version into a sealed envelope which was held by Phillip.

By the end of the task, David explained that there was a one-in-300 chance of the colouring-in being the same as those markers chosen at random by Holly. Did he manage it? Watch the video above to find out just how accurate he was.

Our celebrities were then asked questions by random members of the public. Christine was asked what is her favourite book.

David had 30 seconds to read her mind and her job was to answer 'no' to each of his questions. He repeated the same tactic with Lionel, who was asked what was his favourite country. Lastly, he changed tactics for Jeff, who was asked who was his celebrity crush.

To make things more interesting, he said he would give Jeff a cheque for £1,000 if he got it wrong. In a surprising turn of events, he got it badly wrong. Jeff was feeling cocky.

He said: "I've given you nothing. I've just said 'no' the same way 25 times."

He was right as he pocketed the cheque, but there was a sting in the tail.

Watch the video above to see how David managed to get out of handing over the dosh!

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