X Factor: Mamma Mia, it’s check mate for Rylan and Gary!

Putting any guilt he had for getting through over Ella Henderson last week behind him, the quirky singer was back to prove why he deserves his place in the competition.

Wearing a black and white chequered suit against a chess themed production, Rylan got the audience and mentor Nicole Scherzinger up on their feet clapping along to the Abba classic as confetti burst onto the stage.

Louis said: “Mamma Mia, what a production! It’s like Top of the Pops on Christmas day. I don’t think you’re a joke act, I think you’d be massive in Ibiza. You are the people’s champion.”

Agreeing with Louis, Tulisa said: “Loved the staging and energy. Week eight and you’re still here, I love you. You may be cheesy but I like cheese.”

Last week seen the Essex singer enjoy some playful banter with judge Gary Barlow, unfortunately ahead of tonight’s show the banter seemed to have turned sour with Gary on the warpath to ensure Rylan does not make the semi-finals next week.

Referencing the chess themed production, Gary said: “I think we need to officially declare check mate between you and I. I have to respect that you come back every week and do your thing and that people keep voting for you.”

Rylan told host Dermot O’Leary: “I’ve had a great week, I went to see Mamma Mia with my mum this week which was great.”

Dermot asked if he expected to get this far in the competition, Rylan told him: “I thought I was going in week one, so every week is a bonus for me.”

Rylan finished on a better note with judge Gary Barlow, congratulating him on his OBE which he received earlier in the week.

The flamboyant singer will be performing a Supremes mash up later in the show. Don't miss it!

All the contestants’ performances will be available to download from iTunes after the eighth Live Show tonight (November 24).

You can save your favourite act by voting for them.

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