X Factor: Union J are Bleeding talent with fantastic Leona Lewis cover

Although they’ve been hotly tipped as the new One Direction, X Factor boy band Union J didn’t quite get the result they were hoping for last week in terms of the Judges’ comments.

Their high energy performance of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now was slammed by all the judges, and even their mentor, Louis Walsh admitted it was a mistake.

But this week the boy band king made a wise decision, giving the boys an interesting mix of former winner Leona Lewis’ hit Bleeding Love, and James Morrison and Nelly Furtado’s hit Broken Strings.

The Judges praised the boys, with Tulisa saying: “Much better than last week. I know you guys have a really strong female following, so a lot of potential to do well in this competition.”

Gary agreed, telling the boys that tonight’s performance was “a total transformation from last week” and that he was delighted they had taken advice from fellow competitor Kye.

If possible, Nicole was even more flattering. “You got everything right his week,” she said. “This week you stripped everything back. It was beautiful, simple.”

Happy mentor Louis added: “You worked so hard this week, you’re like a new group and you bring something to this show that nobody else brings.”

And it wasn’t just the judges who were happy. More than a few girls in the audience were won over by the boys’ winter-warmer style.

Speaking to host Dermot after the performance, delighted Union J star George said: “We worked so hard this week and these comments are just going to push us even harder.”

And he was even more delighted when Dermot pointed out that he could say anything and the girls in the audience would scream.

But is the boys’ female fan base enough to vote them through to next week’s Live Show? Find out tomorrow night on STV from 8pm. It’s Bleedin’ eXcellent!

All the contestants’ performances will be available to download from iTunes after the Second Live Show tonight (October 13).

Download Union J’s performance from iTunes after the show tonight.

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