X Factor result: drama as Rylan Clark is eliminated

Flamboyant singer Rylan Clark couldn’t stop his bottom lip from wobbling after becoming the latest act to be voted off this year’s X Factor.

The 24-year-old was devastated to find himself in the bottom two for the third time following the public vote, and although he was twice saved from elimination, tonight he wasn’t so lucky.

This week Rylan faced Union J in a tense sing-off and chose Wires by Athlete as his survival song. Dressed in silver trousers, the singer gave an amazing performance, but it wasn’t enough to save him.

Nicole chose to save Rylan and said: “Boys [Union J] that was a great performance but I have to stick with my boy.”

Louis chose to save Union J and said: “Rylan you’re a great role model, a team player and great performer and I’ve enjoyed meeting you, but in the sing off the boys nailed it. You’ve got something brilliant Union J, I think you’re the next big boy band.”

Gary also chose to save Union J and added: “Union J, you had a great night last night and a great sing off last night, well done on that performance.

“Rylan, you have been an amazing contestant and I’m so glad because tonight that was your best vocal performance and your best song choice. We’ve had great fun and none of it’s been personal, but the act I’m sending home tonight I’m sad to say is Rylan.”

Tulisa had the deciding vote and chose to send Rylan home, saying: “Union J, you are four amazing lads on stage and off stage and you give great performances each week.

“Rylan, you have entertained me through this series, you’ve made me laugh and smile and I admire you for what you’ve had to put up with throughout this competition. I now have to go with the act I feel can sell the most records out of this competition, so I’m sorry to say I’m sending home Rylan.”

Rylan was devastated to be going home and told X Factor host Dermot O’Leary: “I’ve had several fabulous weeks in this competition and this show is one of the best things to be a part of and thanks for having me, especially Nicole.

“The highlight for me was the judges’ houses and seeing the highlights just now when we were all at the hotel. It’s been amazing.”

Rylan has become of the show’s most controversial contestants after finding himself in the sing-off during the first week of the Live Shows against Carolynne Poole, who was sent home after Louis refused to vote, sending the results to deadlock.

Gary was furious and stormed off the stage in protest, and as the weeks have gone by he has never enjoyed Rylan’s performances and has admitted to not being a big fan of the singer.

The friction between the pair didn’t ease when Rylan went head-to-head with Over 28s contestant Kye Sones and won, after the vote was put to deadlock.

Last night the controversial singer failed to impress Gary yet again with his over the top renditions of Mamma Mia by ABBA and a medley of Supremes songs, although the other judges were thoroughly entertained.

His flamboyant fashion and diva dancing may have carried Rylan through to show eight, but tonight was the end of the road for the singer as he was forced to wave goodbye to his X Factor dream.

Rylan is the eighth act to exit the competition, leaving Nicole with just two acts left in the competition – James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas.

With his confidence and energetic performances, somehow we don’t think this will be the last we’ll see of Rylan Clark!

Keen to watch the singer’s amazing performances again? Re-live all the drama here.

You can also download all of Rylan’s performances from iTunes now.

All of this year’s X Factor contestant performances can also be downloaded from iTunes now.

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