X Factor finalists team up for hilarious Gangnam Style dance

X Factor Live Show finalists GMD3 and Rylan put their best moves into practice as they star in a hilarious tribute video to Gangnam Style.

The boys lip-sync along to the number one single by the Korean star, however all that singing has meant their moves are more Dirty Dancing than Strictly.

Although it’s no surprise to see extrovert male model, Rylan strutting his stuff in the short two-minute video, the appearance of clean-cut trio GMD3 will raise a few eyebrows amongst viewers.

The presence of Greg West, Dan Ferrari-Lane and Michael Parsons in the spoof clip could hint at a wilder side to the boy-band.

GMD3 are looking to change their name for the Live Shows. To find out how you can take part in choosing their new identity, click here.

X Factor Live Shows kick off next Saturday. See you then!

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