X Factor: Justin Bieber wannabe Jason Viet Tien charms his way to Bootcamp

Lovestruck student Jason Viet Tien managed to secure four yes votes on tonight’s X Factor audition show, after charming the judges and the audience with his infectious personality and sweet, soulful vocals.

Bursting on stage, armed with a rose for his crush, Tulisa, Jason admitted that it’s long been his dream to serenade the pretty 24-year-old judge.

“You are amazing and beautiful, I love you with all my heart,” he told the panellist and singer, before securing a cheeky kiss to the cheek from the object of his affection.

Jason also manages to charmed the audience and the rest of the panel with his hilarious pronunciation of Tulisa’s name, calling her ‘Tulisha’ repeatedly.

Clearly not expecting much from the lovelorn 18-year-old, the judges settled down to hear Jason’s audition – and were soon pleasantly surprised as he shows off a pretty decent voice as he belted out Whitney Houston’s hit I Have Nothing.

Serenading Tulisa throughout the song, Jason managed to achieve a standing ovation from the brunette beauty, who told him: “Jason I think I’ve found a new toy boy. I loved it, I absolutely loved it!”

She added: “I loved the rose, I love you and I loved the performance. You wanted my love and you’ve earned it.”

Geri Halliwell was also won over, telling Jason: “You were better than I thought you were going to be. That is a hard song to sing, so well done.”

Gary continued: “A great little character, I thought that was absolutely shplendid [sic]!”

And Louis concluded: “Jason it wasn’t note perfect, but you’ve got this likeability thing and that’s why the whole audience went with you.”

Jason told the judges he wants crowds to shout his name the way they shout Canadian star Justin Bieber’s – so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if the Vietnam-born student manages to tick this next thing off his list!

With four yes votes Jason has now secured a place in Bootcamp. Wonder what song he’ll sing to Tulisa next?!

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