Scottish Ballet’s Nutcracker: a lesson in cracking the magical moves

It’s not every day that you get the chance to train with the Scottish Ballet, so when I was offered the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters in Glasgow to learn a section of The Nutcracker, I jumped at it.

I’ve always dabbled in dance from a young age, but ballet was never one of my strong points and I haven’t done any lessons since I was about five.

So understandably when I arrived at Tramway in the city’s southside, where the company is based, I had a few nervous butterflies.

But as soon as I met with professional dancers Diana Loosmore and Lewis Landini, I was quickly put at ease.

I was told that I’d be learning a small section of the the role played by Diana, Dame Mouserink, the baddie in the show – a great part to get stuck into.

Working with Diana and Lewis, who plays Drosselmeyer, I was quickly taken through some of the key steps from a segment in which Dame Mouserink tries to steal the Nutcracker doll.

A flurry of lifts, stretches and dramatic expressions later and I was doing my very best to embody the sassiness and seduction of the manipulative character.

So how did I get on? Well, take a look at the video to find out. Let’s just say I think I'll be sticking to the day job…

The Nutcracker is on at Glasgow's Theatre Royal from December 8-29. Find out more from the Scottish Ballet website.

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