Does This is 40 provide the right amount of laughs for Moviejuice reviewers

This is 40 is a “sort-of sequel” to the comedy hit Knocked Up, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as a married couple dealing with impending middle age. But does it match up to its predecessor?

Yes, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann return to the roles of Pete and Debbie, as they both deal with everyday life of marriage, raising children and turning the big four-oh.

While the film doesn't reflect on the real life marriage of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, it does touch on the day to day issues they face.

And Judd's wife isn't the only one to star in the film. The couple's daughter's play Pete and Debbie's children in the movie too.

Rudd and Mann's certainly share great onscreen chemistry and while the film doesn't have the laugh out loud appeal of Knocked Up and is a bit on the long side, the tried and tested cast and witty dialogue will likely appeal to fans of Apatows previous hits.

While the film support a more 'adult' theme, its awkward scenes and funny dialogue will appeal to fans of Apatow's previous hits. Make sure to watch the video above to find out more about the film!