I’m A Celebrity show 9 round-up: Emotions run high and tempers higher

The last few days in the I’m A Celebrity camp have seen many emotional ups and downs for the celebs. Even the coolest cats who never lose their temper are starting to crack under the pressure.

Suave Chelsea boy Hugo Taylor has a fear of enclosed spaces so it’s just his luck he was chosen for the Savage Sewer Bushtucker Trial.

With a brave face he headed into the sewer only to find himself face to face with two giant pythons. Overcoming his fears, he managed to release the two stars although not without a moment of panic when he thought one of the pythons tried to bite him.

Suddenly water started flooding the sewer and the celeb had to act quickly, retrieving two more stars from a pipe containing cane toads.

So far so good, however, his luck was about to run out as he realised that the next stars were guarded by one of his greatest fears – spiders. Campmate David Haye later admitted that if Hugo sees a spider he “screams like a little girl.” Losing his nerve, Hugo decided to pass on the spider test and move on to the next pipe which contained rats. Compared to spiders, the rodents were no problem for him and he managed to claim another two stars.

Feeling proud of himself, Hugo returned to camp proclaiming, “I’m not going to lift a finger for the rest of the day. I’m going to really, really abuse my success now to make sure I get the best out of my day.”
After Hugo’s successful Bush Tucker Trial the camp were delighted they wouldn’t be going hungry.

Ostrich eggs were the dish of the day and it was decided that it would be omelette for dinner.

TV Chef, Rosemary Shrager decided that instead of cooking for the camp, she’d give them a cooking lesson.

She told the rest of the starving celebs that she would “Sit and prep and give out orders to do the cooking.”

The preparations began and so did the aggro, Rosemary ordered Nadine to “work faster” as she stirred the mixture over the fire. A grumpy Eric piped up, “You don’t have to shout at people for them to listen.”

As the camp mates dined Rosemary apologised to Eric for shouting but explained that it was her teaching method.

Later Eric visited the Bush Telegraph and explained, “I find it (the shouting) very rude. I don’t like it. Tell us what to do and we shall do it but don’t shout at us.”

There was a lot of shouting from the celebs later that night only this time it was in fear rather than anger.

This was because they were all taking part in the Bed Bugs challenge. As they lay in their beds waiting the onslaught of jungle beasties the nerves were starting to show.

Tough guy boxer David Haye was first to leave the challenge even before his cockroaches appeared.

The former heavyweight boxing champion explained he wasn’t scared of bugs but rather he, “decided to get the hell out of there and go and get some sleep. No way in a million years am I am going to be able to sleep with creepy crawlies going over me.”

After 30 minutes surrounded by scorpions and beetles, MP Nadine Dorries uttered the immortal words: “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and was joined soon after by Helen who made her escape when she began to think the snakes in her bed were, “coming towards” her.

By the end all that was left were, Ashley who survived 155 minutes surrounded by rats and TV chef Rosemary Shrager who even managed to fall asleep as soldier crabs scuttled across her bed while keeping her mouth tightly shut.

The next day it was time for some musical relief as the celebs were given coloured bells along with notes on how to play well known songs with the bells. For guessing each song correctly they would win another meal for camp.

However, while things got off to a good start and the campmates managed to guess the first three songs, they only managed to guess one more song and started getting ratty with one another.

The stress was evident in Hugo’s face and later he told the bush Telegraph, “eventually I was begging for it to be over.”

Darts champion Eric Bristow may be well known for his skill at hitting the bullseye but today in camp he displayed another talent for hitting the target - aiming right at his campmate’s weak spots.

The 55-year-old was in a really grumpy mood and took it out on some his campmates, reducing Helen Flanagan to tears when he commented on her skin, saying: “you’ve got a fantastic diet when you’re at home. Is that before the chocolate or after the chocolate? That’s what’s done your skin all that s**t you’re eating.”

The former Corrie actress was so upset she spoke to the Bush Telegraph about Eric’s cruel comments: “I love everyone in camp but I’m really sensitive about skin. I know it sounds really stupid I can’t believe I’m crying. It just gets to me because I feel conscious enough because I haven’t got any makeup.”

Former Pussycat Dolls member Ashley explained that: “Eric says what’s on his mind all the time. You know where you stand with Eric. What you see is what you get and he’s not shy to tell you what’s on his mind.

Soon it was time to announce that the winners of the Bush Buddy challenges were Ashley, followed by Hugo. Next was Rosemary followed by Limahl. Linda won the fifth and final place.

This means that Eric, Nadine, Colin, Charlie, Helen and David had to face the first public vote.

Ant & Dec revealed that MP Nadine Dorries was the first to be voted out of the jungle tonight (21.11.12).

The outspoken MP entered the jungle in the hope that people would see her as a normal person and someone who was approachable.

And Nadine didn’t hold back in telling her fellow celebrities what was what.

During Nadine’s time in the jungle she took part in one of the most dreaded trials, and had to tuck in to various delights, beating Helen Flanagan to win dinner for her camp Snake Rock.

But sadly her time was up and the MP had failed to win the public vote. She said goodbye to her campmates and strolled out of the jungle for the last time.

Find out who will be next to leave on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! returns on Thursday (23rd November) at 8:30pm on STV. For voting info, click here.

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