Helen Flanagan challenges Ashley Roberts to 'shower-off'

Poor Helen Flanagan, you'd almost think she didn't know what she was saying – particularly because her pal Ashley Roberts has absolutely no idea.

The Coronation Street beauty had men across the nation bolt upright in their seats last night as she challenged Ashley Roberts to a "shower off".

But although she delighted with her beautiful Mancunian lilt, it seemed that Ashley was a bit stumped.

Saucy Helen said: "Ashley, we'll have to have a 'shower-off' tomorrow, it'll be 'hilare'!"

But Pussycat Doll Ashley just looked bemused, saying: "Oh God, I have no idea what you just said…"

Not that it's been too much of a problem. The two blonde bombshells have fast become friends in the camp, possibly bonding over the amount of time they both spend in the shower.

Along with champion boxer David Haye, they've been getting their kit off at every opportunity – and you can see more saucy shower snaps here.

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