I’m a Celebrity: Record breakers win some tasty tucker

Helen Flanagan was spared a Bushtucker Trial because there was no public vote. It took the pressure off the former Coronation Street star, who has become the campmate that the public love to hate – picking her for every trial to date.

In place of eating gruesome grub, the onus fell on the entire camp to win challenges to put food in the pot.

David Haye was delighted at the news that Helen would be relieved of responsibility. The boxing star said: “Food challenge, me… ten people… seems a lot more promising that Helen going off into the wilderness to bring back food.” Linda Robson agreed: “I think we’re all relieved for Helen and for us that she’s not doing the trial today.”

The celebrities were told that they each had to break a world record. Eric Bristow was first up and his task was to throw eight darts into a bullseye. Unfortunately for the team, the Crafty Cockney failed to live up to his reputation.

Linda fared better when she had to pair off as many socks as she could in a minute, which she managed to win.

There were a few failures, though. Charlie Brooks failed to beat the world record for eating an onion in the quickest amount of time. Ah, well. At least it was something to eat other than beans and rice.

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts failed in her attempt to beat the record amount of star jumps. And Helen continued her losing streak when she failed to put on the most pairs of underpants in a minute – despite putting a white bikini on for the task in hand. To be fair, she’s more adept at removing her clothing in the jungle than putting it on.

On the positive side of things, Tory MP Nadine Dorries wrote the most amounts of autographs on a human torso in a minute while posh boy Hugo managed to put six eggs in egg cups. Maybe it would have been more difficult if he had to put his regular breakfast of pheasant into egg cups instead!

Chirpy comedian Brian Conley did the most kisses on a hand in a minute, while David succeeded in letting off the highest number of party poppers. Former Doctor Who Colin Baker did his bit by telling the most jokes in a minute.

The final result was that the camp had six meals between them for dinner, which could be something of a record in itself.

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