I’m a Celebrity: Helen Flanagan suffers through the Cruelty Towers

Nominated by the public to face Cruelty Towers, Helen Flanagan appeared in a fighting spirit to take on the might of the Cruelty Towers challenge.

And the 22-year-old actress even told her fellow campmates that she felt “chilled” ahead of her challenge.

She received a pep talk from Nadine Dorries and Brian Conley, who put on her shoes and socks for her, something that has turned into a bit of a tradition for the actress and comedian.

However, Brian confessed in the Bush Telegraph that he was unconvinced by Nadine’s support for Helen.

He said: “Nadine’s pep talk to Helen, it was a bit condescending. Don’t give her that pressure. Someone is trying to get in there because they think, ‘Oh, this is when the nation will watch because they all want to know who gives a pep talk to Helen. I would hate that.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Brooks was a little perplexed by the actions. The EastEnders actress commented on Brian’s helping hand with Helen’s socks and shoes. She said: “Can you actually believe that Brian actually does her shoe laces up for her? It all just kind of miraculously happened. Life just revolves around her (Helen).”

She continued, “I think if she gets no stars, her shoe laces are not being done up and that girl needs a short sharp shock.”

As Helen arrived at the trial, she was handed a torch and instructed to get the first star she will need to remove the light, which would plunged the room into darkness.

Hidden inside Cruelty Towers were ten stars, each star is worth a meal for camp and she would have ten minutes to find as many stars as she could. Each of the different rooms contained jungle creatures, including snakes, a crocodile, ostrich and spiders, whilst the last room contained offal, flies and also featured a collapsing ceiling.

How awful!

But as she was told it was time to get ready, Helen started to wobble and asked for a moment to compose herself.

Continuing to waver, she received words of encouragement from Ant and Dec.

She said: “I need a moment to decide, I need to get my head together. I’m really scared.

“I am getting worked up. It just makes me want to go home. If they’re going to keep doing this to me every single day I want to go home. I just really want people to stop voting for me. I’m not happy at all. I don’t want to do it.”

But, after some time, the former Corrie actress decided that would give the trial a go. She opened the door to the first room and was greeted by an ostrich, which she named Olly.

Then, as soon as she dislodged the light, Aussie outback critters fell from the ceiling and the room was plunged into darkness.

This prompted Helen to shout those immortal words: “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

It meant, of course, that she had failed the challenge and, not for the first time, before it had even really started.

As soon as she got out, however she regretted her decision. She said “I didn’t realise it was going to go dark, that freaked me out. Oh, I wish I could have gone in there now, I feel really stupid. I wish I could have gone back in there now. Can I go back in?”

She continued, “I’m so annoyed with myself. It wasn’t even that bad. I wish I hadn’t made such a fuss beforehand.”

When asked by Ant and Dec if she slept with the light on at home, Helen confessed that she did in “the en suite.”

Reluctant to face her campmates having failed to win any stars, Helen admitted, “I do not want to go back to camp.”

She continued, “I’ve got to make an impression and they are going to start getting annoyed. I’m annoyed with myself, I didn’t do the best I could do and that’s what irritates me. I could have done better than I did.”

When she headed back, the campmates all rallied around her and asked her about the challenge. Charlie continued to ask how many stars she won but Helen refused to answer and kept apologising.

David later commented in the Bush Telegraph, “Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I upset? No. She said she tried her best and that’s all you can ask from our little Helen.”

But an unconvinced Charlie admitted that she was disappointed she only made it into one room. Oh, dear!

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