I’m A Celebrity show 3 round-up: dreadful dinner and tree hugging

The third day in the jungle held many trials and tribulations for the celebrities, amongst them a pair of new campmates

So far they’ve had to endure long treks, unpredictable weather and of course, the dreaded Bushtucker Trials. And tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! kept up the misery on the pampered starlets. Is it bad that we’re enjoying it so much?

Two celebs in particular are finding it tough as the prospect of a second Bushtucker Trial loomed for both Nadine Dorries and Helen Flanagan.

Forced to endure the dreaded Bug Burial , both celebs were then informed last night that they will once again endure the Bushtucker Trial.

Last night’s challenge saw both celebrities fail to take back food to their camps so the pressure was on.

In tonight’s challenge, entitled Rotten Rhymes, the MP and former Coronation Street actress faced musical boxes that signaled the arrival of a meal. The box played well know nursery rhymes but with a garish twist, revealing what the celebrities had to eat.

The first course was called Little Miss Muffet and contained a baked spider. Helen squealed and said “It’s not a small spider, its massive I don’t like spiders. After trying a small bit Helen decided to pass but Nadine managed to complete the first course.

The second course was Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe and contained a camel’s toe. Nadine decided took the plunge. It proved tough and she struggled to swallow the jungle delight but after encouragement from Helen she completes the second course. Helen attempted the dish but spat it out and lost another point.

The third was Humpty Dumpty and featured a fermented duck egg. Trailing behind Nadine, Helen decided to give it a go. She complained it was disgusting and almost failed the challenge but she managed to swallow the whole egg and won her first point. Nadine failed the task and lost a point for her team.

The fourth was Hot Cross Bums and was an ostrich anus. Both girls attempt the challenge. Each found it tough and gagged throughout, but they gave constant encouragement to each other and both won a point.

The final dish was Baa Baa Black Sheep - bush oysters also known as lamb’s testicles. Helen was told that she would have to complete this one and hope that Nadine fails to make it a draw. Helen finished her meal as did Nadine.
Nadine won the task and, more importantly, four meals for the Snake Rock camp.

It was then time for another Dingo Dollars challenge. Hugo Taylor and David Haye battled against each other, scrambling up the trees of the jungle.

David completed the challenge before Hugo, triumphantly scaling the wall and ringing the bell to release his bag of dingo dollars.

Responding, Hugo said: “For me the game was won and lost when I put the wrong peg in the wrong hole.”

The victory was short lived however as the rest of the Croc Creek team failed to answer their question correctly about the boxer’s past. Ever the hero, however, David spared his camp mates feelings and kept the prospect of crisps hidden from them.

As the days begin to wear on, it seems that an obsession is running through both camps. Food has become the great talking point and there were some surprising revelations as to the extent the celebs would go to eat their favourite treats.

Both camps talked longingly about what food they craved. Colin said that he would pay 100 pounds for a full English breakfast, whereas Helen craved crisps and chocolate and Brian digestive biscuits and cheese.

And the former Doctor Who had lots to say on the matter: “I could eat a koala’s buttocks at the moment. Dr. Bob said after eight days your stomach attacks your fat. Eight days? What’s it doing now? Get on with it!”

The two camps were then given news that the following morning, Snake Rock would join Croc Creek. Rather than being pleased, it appeared that both teams were not looking forward to the merge.

David said, “I really don’t want them to come here. I’m happy with my little group. I don’t know these people, I don’t want to know these people and I’ve got no interest in these people. I love my team here. They are imposters.” Helen also added, “It’s weird, we’re like a family.”

Over in Snake Rock, the news was not faring better amongst the other celebrities.

MP Nadine said, “We’re not second class celebrities, we’re not sleeping under anybody else's hammocks.” Hugo added, “Why do we have to be incorporated into theirs? I don’t want to turn up there like a bunch of refugees and they’re going to be like ‘oh you have got to start living by our rules.’”

But Crafty Cockney Eric added, “Not going happen pal. We don’t have to go by anyone’s rules.”

The results of the public vote were then revealed. Narrowed down to just two celebs, you guessed it Nadine and Helen once again. Chosen for the next Bushtucker challenge, the fiendishly wicked Cruelty Towers, it was Helen Flanagan for a third straight challenge.

So how will the camps fair now that they’ve joined forces? United they stand or divided they fall?

And what impact will the new celebs, 80s pop sensation Limahl and haute cuisine teacher Rosemary Shrager fare when they land amongst the pack?

The only way to find out is to watch when I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! returns to STV on Thursday 15th November at 9pm.

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