I’m A Celebrity: Not so happy campers

Everyone knew it would happen but as the campers are still getting to grips with their new surroundings and making new friends, nobody had expected it to happen so quickly. Yes – it’s time for two camps to become one.

Down in Croc Creek, camp heavyweight David Haye was quick to voice his opinion, “I really don’t want them to come here." Eh bit harsh David – you’ve only known these people for four days, it’s nice to make new friends.

Helen added, “We’re like a family.”, and poor Linda – well she doesn’t like change.

David seemed quite concerned that there would be too many people and the toilet wouldn't be able to handle it.

But it wasn’t just Croc Creek that were unhappy down in Snake Rock the celebrities were anything but happy about the move.

Not one to hold back Nadine had a plan, “ We could rebel. I’m an expert at rebelling.”

Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor expressed his concern about joining Croc Creek, “Why do we have to be incorporated into theirs? I don’t want to turn up like a bunch of refuges and they’re going to be like ‘oh you have got to start living by our rules’”

It was up to crafty Cockney Eric Bristow reassure Hugo, “No going to happen pal. We don’t have to go by anyone’s rules’.

But with Nadine stealing Hugo's jobs head chef maybe it's time to find some new playmates.

So they camps have merged and so far so good, but who’s going to be the leader of the pack, will there be tears and tantrums – lets hope so.

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