I’m a Celebrity: It’s all in vain for David Haye and his Dingo Dollars

Despite tutoring his team in all matters about his career and professional life, Croc Creek managed to answer the Dingo Dollar question about David Haye incorrectly.

On offer in the Outback Shack were a bowl of crisps or toilet seat covers and air freshener. David Haye opted for the former as his camp mates were asked how old the former WBA World Champion was when he turned professional. They incorrectly answered 18 (the correct answer was 22) and so David headed back to camp empty handed.

Ever the hero, David didn’t mention the crisps to his camp mates, instead opting to tell them that the choices had been toilet seat covers or air freshener.

He explained later: “I didn’t tell them there was crisps available because that would hurt the morale of the team” Over in Snake Rock, Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor cried in frustration at his defeat in the challenge. He said: “I can’t believe I’m crying over something so stupid. The smallest thing in here can completely set you off. It’s astonishing.”

Speaking to his camp mates, he explained: “It made me feel so demoralised and afterwards I just started crying. I was just like. It’s completely ridiculous. I was acting like such a wimp. You’ve just got this huge wall and David Haye yet again.”

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