Murder in Emmerdale this Christmas: Cameron kills again

Cameron has been struggling to cope since confessing to one of the villagers that he was responsible for killing Carl, and desperate to keep the villager quiet, Cameron commits murder for the second time.

Having bound and gagged the unfortunate villager in his van, Cameron pays Chas a visit on Christmas Eve, but she tells him she’s not interested in being with him, leaving him heartbroken.

Returning to the van, Cameron finds his victim trying to escape, and when he agrees to untie the ropes, the villager makes a run for it with Cameron in hot pursuit.

It’s not long before Cameron catches up with his victim, however, knocking the person unconscious and dragging them back to the van…

Waking up on Christmas morning at the B&B, Cameron heads to the woods to bury his victim’s body, disgusted with himself for what he’s done and struggling to cope with his guilt.

Will he get away with murder for the second time or is he about to be rumbled for his crimes? And who is his second victim?

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