New Emmerdale producer talks new Dingle, ‘spectacular’ autumn, Holly return

Emmerdale’s brand new producer looks set to make a massive impact on the soap, with Iain MacLeod teasing some huge plots coming up on the soap in the coming months.

A new member of the Dingle family, who will arrive in around a month’s time, is one such teaser he shared with’s Gill Harvey.

Described as a “gin-fuelled whirlwind”, the female character will, according to Iain, bring a lot of “emotion and heartbreak” with her.

We’ll also shortly see the return of Holly, Moira’s daughter, and she’s certainly going to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

“She will bring a whirlwind of trouble with her and really destabilise Cain’s current domestic bliss,” Iain explained.

Watch the video above to hear more about how current storylines, including Ashley’s battle with dementia and his upcoming wedding to Laurel, will play out.

And soap fans have something else to look forward to: a “spectacular” week-long special this autumn.

"We’ve got some quite exciting plans for the autumn in terms of doing something a little bit different, a special week of episodes that will be kind of spectacular, but in a way I don’t think we’ve seen in a soap before. I can’t say much more than that.

“We’ve seen a lot of disaster movies; what I’ve got in mind is more akin to a thriller or an action movie.

"We have seen a lot of incredible stunts... I think this time my intention will be to approach it from a slightly different angle no less spectacular.”

We cannot wait to see how Iain’s plans for the soap play out!

Tune into Emmerdale weeknights on STV.

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