Emmerdale spoiler (Thur, Aug 8, 8pm): Laurel is in danger

Laurel puts herself in serious danger as she confronts Ross, but as her resolve weakens, it isn’t long before the tables are turned and Ross becomes the one in control, leaving Laurel terrified.

With Paddy and Cain on the way to Ross’ flat, will they arrive in time to save Laurel or will it be too late?

Meanwhile, Rhona is panicking about her trip away with Paddy and she tries to manipulate Vanessa into staying in the village, worried about losing her drug supply.

Paddy is feeling nervous about the state of his marriage, and his worst fears are confirmed when Rhona tells him that they are over, leaving him heartbroken.

Will Rhona’s decision convince Vanessa to stay or has Rhona lost her husband and her best friend?

Elsewhere in the village, Val tells Amy that Kyle’s adoptive parents have died, leaving her shocked.

What will happen to Kyle now?

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