Emmerdale spoiler (Mon, July 22, 7pm): Victoria finds out the truth

Victoria is keen to get back with Adam, unaware that he's slept with Katie, so she's left fuming when Declan lets the cat out of the bag.

Have her plans to get back with Adam been scuppered?

Meanwhile, Gennie is angry about Debbie and Cameron keeping Chas in the dark about what’s going on between them, and when she spots the pair sharing an intimate moment, she is determined to warn Chas.

Chas, however, is oblivious and is busy making wedding plans for her and Cameron. Will she believe her sister when she reveals what she has seen between Debbie and Cameron?

Elsewhere in the village, Dan and Kerry are both in pain after getting mutual love tattoos imprinted into the soles of their feet, leaving most of the villagers in hysterics.

However, they are soon left impressed when Kerry comes up with a plan to raise money for Brenda, but will a tight-fisted Declan buy into her idea?

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