Emmerdale spoiler (Tues, July 9, 7pm): Laurel ends up in danger

Rhona is desperate to get her hands on more pills, but when she discovers she has a flat tyre she becomes anxious.

When she bumps into Laurel, she tells her she needs teething gel for Leo and Laurel offers to drive her to the chemist, but as the pair drive round several chemists, Rhona encourages Laurel to stay in the car, but it’s not long things take a sinister turn when she is kidnapped…

Meanwhile, Nicola is feeling uneasy around Steve, and things go from bad to worse when Steve tells Nicola that he wants her to pay back the money she owes him or he’ll tell Jimmy about their financial arrangement.

What game is Steve playing at?

Elsewhere in the village, Cameron overhears Charity and Zak talking about Debbie and he feels guilty for what has happened between them.

Will Cameron back off and leave Debbie alone?

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