Dancing on Ice final: Matthew Wolfenden wins, Jorgie cries and Chico’s drop drama

The Dancing on Ice 2012 final proved to be one of the most exciting in the show’s history as Jorgie Porter, Matthew Wolfenden and Chico Slimani battled it out to be crowned Ice king or Ice queen.

The show kicked off in spectacular style as Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean performed their iconic Bolero, complete with dramatic flames and super soprano Laura Wright and operatic tenor Noah Stewart singing.

First of the celebrities to perform was Matthew Wolfenden, who opted to showcase his skills to Singin’ In the Rain (Gene Kelly). And what a talented man he is.

Matthew and Nina Ulanova gained 30 points from the judges – the first perfect score of the series.

A shocked Matthew said: “I can’t believe it, I’m lost for words.”

Robin Cousins praised the performance, saying: “I have been waiting a few weeks to press that ten, you skated solo, you worked with props and you lead a professional ensemble on ice.”  

Katarina Witt agreed: “Matthew you were just absolutely perfect. You out-shined everybody else and the skating skills were outstanding [sic]. You captured the feel of the music and the character was charming and playful.”

Next up was Matthew’s closest rival throughout the series, fellow soap star Jorgie Porter.

The Hollyoaks beauty delivered a fun filled routine to eighties classic Fame.

Dressed in a striking red leotard with matching headband, the judges loved the performance, but Katarina and Robin felt she didn’t show off enough skating skills, so awarded 9.5 points.

Louie Spence on the other hand? Well he was 100 per cent a Porter supporter (as her fans have become known).

He gushed: “You were hot, that is my era fame. You burned up the floor, the ice was melting. It was absolutely superb.”

Chico was next to perform his showcase routine, skating to Happy Days… but it wasn’t the happiest of routines when he dropped partner Jodeyne Higgins.

Ever the pro, Jodeyne dusted herself off and encouraged Chico to carry on, which he did, scoring 26 points.

Robin assured him: “What a performance, you really did get back into it. There was a little bit of caution in the second half but the first part was fantastic. Overall performance-wise, it still worked.”  

Next it was time for the skating stars to perform their favourite routines of the series.

Matthew and Nina skated to Queen hit Don’t Stop Me Know and scored 28.5 of 30.

Jorgie and Matt Evers were up next and they performed their romantic Valentine’s routine to Alicia Keys Fallin’, gaining 30 points, which put Jorgie ahead of Matthew by half a point. It was extremely tense.

Finally, it was back to Chico and the X Factor star showed that it really was Chico’s time to shine as he came back with a confident’ sexy routine to LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It – complete with sexy pec-shimmy which sent temperatures soaring on the ice.

The judges seemed to love the performance as much as the viewers and audience and gave Chico his moment of glory, awarding him 30 points.

It was a perfect end to the 40-year-old’s time on Ice, as the public vote saw him come third, leaving the competition before he got the chance to skate the Bolero.

It truly has been an incredible ‘journey’ for the cheeky chap, as he began life on the series as a reserve, stepping in at the last minute before the first show, when Chesney Hawkes got injured.

Tonight Chico could do nothing but smile as he said: “I’ve fallen in love with a sport I never thought I would and with people in front of the stage, back stage…"

He added: “The people at home have given me the chance to come back and show the real me.”

With that, it was time for Jorgie and Matthew to perform their versions of the Bolero.

Matthew was first up and stunned with a powerful take on Torvill and Dean’s dramatic routine.

Robin said: “You laid everything out in front of us, it was a privilege to watch. It was the most difficult bolero we have seen from day one of Dancing on Ice.”  

Katarina Witt added: “It kept growing from one trick to another, it was memorising, it was gentle, sexy and intense. I can not imagine what kind of skater you would of become if you had started as a young boy.”

Matthew was delighted with the comments.

Jorgie was equally as impressive as she put her heart and soul into the Bolero, a routine Matt Evers had been longing to perform with the 24-year-old.

Jorgie struggled to fight back tears after the skate, as did Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean and Katarina, who told her: “You guys went through a really tough 12  weeks. You must be tired but don’t be disappointed, you should be very proud. You made Chris and Jayne and me as a skater proud. Your elegance, your posture, your passion, you gave us a great performance.”

Louie agreed: “You do these slow dramatical routines so well, you have outdone yourself.”

But tonight wasn’t about the judges, it was about the voting public, and they chose Emmerdale star Matthew as the winner.

The stunned actor said: “I can’t believe it I’m shaking. The first time I stood on the ice I thought I made the worse mistake of my career!” How times can change!

Jorgie was overcome with emotion, delighted with how far she had come and full of praise for the champ, who she has become great friends with throughout the series.

That’s Dancing on Ice over for another year, but many of the stars will be getting their skates back on and heading to a city near you for the Dancing on Ice 20120 live tour.


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