Dancing on Ice: Torvill and Dean get animated

Skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have been wowing viewers each week on Dancing on Ice with impressive opening performances on the ice, but tonight they showed viewers just how good they are with an amazing interactive routine.

The pair took to the ice to perform the exciting and beautiful new routine complete with a stunning interactive backdrop that showed their movements on a large screen behind them as they skated.

The routine mixed up 2D and 3D dancing, adding a spectacular feel to the gorgeous routine and taking Jayne and Chris’ expertise on the ice to a whole new level.

As the pair skated along to Jack Johnson's Better Together, two figures of the pair appeared on the animated screen, mimicking their moves and dancing along in sync, adding a unique feel to the performance.

Speaking on Daybreak earlier in the week about the dazzling routine, Chris said: “It’s been a long process, and what we like to do now is challenge ourselves creatively.

“We did it on a green screen to begin with, we danced it [and we] choreographed it. Now we’re going to interact with it on the ice.”

“We actually filmed it before Christmas and it’s taken us this long to get to this stage,” added Jayne. “We only saw the finished product about two days ago, and every time we see it we see different things in it.”

Chris continued: “As the animation happens on the screen, we’re skating on the ice, so it’s all coming together.”

The eight remaining contestants – Gareth Thomas, Matt Lapinskas, Samia Ghadie, Joe Pasquale, Keith Chegwin, Beth Tweddle, Shayne Ward and Luke Campbell – have also been having an exciting time on the ice tonight as they have been taking part in solo performances.

Part of The Leveller challenge, each contestant has to skate solo for 30 seconds away from their dancing partners, giving the judges the perfect opportunity to see who’s got what it takes on the ice.

Don’t miss the Dancing on ice results show on STV tonight at 8.15pm to find out who'll be the next to be saying goodbye to their skating dreams.

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