Dancing on Ice: Keith Chegwin is a soul man as Joe Pasquale falls flat

Keith Chegwin managed to put a smile on the judges’ faces during his first Dancing on Ice performance, and tonight he managed to beat his rival Joe Pasquale for a place in their hearts during a skating duel.

Keith and his dance partner Olga Sharutenko took to the ice alongside Joe and his partner Vicky Ogden to perform their routine to Sam and Dave’s Soul Man, and although both couples looked like they were having a great time, it was Keith who had the edge over funnyman Joe.

The comedians, who were both wearing matching peach frilly shirts, couldn’t keep the grins off their face during their performances, and although they weren’t perfect, the judges loved them regardless.

While Joe opted to do the knee slide as his big move, Keith chose to do the scorpion lift, and his presence on the ice managed to get him immunity from the judges, leaving him delighted.

Jason Gardiner was the least impressed with the pair and told them: “Joe, you spend a lot of time looking down at the ice as if you’re asking it for help and it’s ignoring you.

“Keep up and play out, you are a great performer and that’s your only strength in this competition.

“Keith, you have the presentation and moves of Homer Simpson but you have his likeability. You have his enthusiasm and commitment and you’re a jolly good show.”

New judge Ashley Roberts said to the boys: “You always make me giggle and I know when you get on the ice I’m going to laugh and have a good time.”

Robin Cousins told Keith and Joe: “You’re a great skater Keith, and Joe you’re great to watch.”

Karen Barbour added: “You bailed this as Clash of the Titans and we got the Return of the Chuckle Brothers. Keith, you had speed over the ice, although I’m not sure if it’s coordinated, but Joe, you were entertaining.”

On finding out that he’d got four unanimous votes from the judges for immunity over Joe, Keith said: “I have not stopped laughing all week and I have loved working with this man. I have got some dreadful wind though.”

Joe was happy to see Keith going through and said: “I knew it was going to go down that way.”

He joked that he’s been suffering from piles and bunions and added: “I’ve been dragging my bum around, I’m like a dog with worms!”

Will Joe be returning to the ice next week or is he going home tonight? Tune into ITV and STV at 8.30pm tonight for the Live Results Show to find out!

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