Dancing on Ice star Shayne Ward struggles to prove he has the X Factor

Shayne Ward attempted to prove he can not only sing, he can skate, when he took part in tonight’s Dancing on Ice show one.

The former X Factor winner gave it his all as he skated to Too Close, but struggled to dazzle with his debut performance.

He was awarded 16 points from the judges and Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts told him he had to “keep that fire going all the time.”

Jason Gardiner awarded Shayne 3.5 and said: “Shayne it started off very well but as it progressed it seemed like the routine started to get away from you. The presentation still isn’t there. Watch your shoulders. You need to be more commanding as the man on the ice.”

Robin Cousins agreed: “The skating is there but watch the footwork. Your comfort factor was below you. Skate it out and become the man on the ice.”

Karen Barber was more positive, giving him 4.5 points and saying: “There is definitely a skater. The upper body is great you’ve got to work the knees but you have improved so much.”

Shayne admitted DOI is much more difficult than X Factor, which he took part in in 2005.

He said: “This is way harder than The X Factor. It’s not everyday you throw yourself around on blades and it’s really tough. But as much as it is a big challenge, it is fun and I am having a ball.”

Shayne added: “I do feel prepared for this because I have already been through a show like this on The X Factor. I know the pressures it can bring and how much I will be scrutinised. But I am really happy to listen and learn. I want to have banter with the judges and if they criticise me, I want to build on it and hopefully get better. If you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t do a programme like this.”

And the 28-year-old insisted the spandex and sparkly costumes don’t bother him either.

He said: “I wore leather for a year in the Rock Ages musical. So I am not bothered about the clothes!”

“I am competitive and I would love to win this programme, but I also want to have fun. I am going to push myself and go for it.”

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