Corrie producer teases Todd’s return and Tina and Peter’s illicit affair

Coronation Street viewrs are in for a rollercoaster ride over the next few months, as a series of big storyline either come to a head or kick off on the soap.

Stuart Blackburn, the producer of Corrie, joined’s Gill Harvey to tease two of the main plots that will keep audiences entertained in the coming weeks.

First up, Eileen Grimshaw’s son Todd is set to make a return to the cobbles. But gone is the sweet-natured apple of her eye...

“This is a very different Todd, a Todd who has had a horrible time in London and has lied to his family about it,” Stuart explained.

“He’s a bitter and deeply cynical man and a man perfectly capable of shattering other people’s lives.

“He’s going to be a profound disappointment to Eileen.”

Elsewhere on The Street you’d think Peter would have more than enough on his mind to keep him busy, particularly with his wedding coming up to businesswoman Carla. Not so, as Stuart explained.

“Peter at the moment sort of has it all, he has Carla who is astonishingly beautiful and she’s also not short of a bob or too. You’d think he’d be happy.

“But it’s kind of Carla who calls the shots and there’s just a bit in Peter where he feels emasculated.

“This man is an addict, we know he’s addicted to affairs he’s addicted do drink. Now he’s not turning back to drink, but the grass is always greener for Peter. And when Tina starts helping him out with babysitting there is a spark.”

Oh dear – sounds like there’s going to be plenty of drama kicking off on the cobbles!

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