Coronation Street spoiler (Mon, Sep 23, 8.30pm): Nick wakes up from a coma

David is terrified now that Nick has woken up from his coma, and as he pays Tina a visit, he is worried that his whole world is about to implode.

As Leanne heads to the hospital, Tina urges David to tell Kylie the truth, but will David be able to bring himself to reveal all?

Meanwhile, Stella finds out that Jason and Eva are seeing each other, and when she later tries to remain upbeat, Gloria assumes she’s upset over her daughter seeing her ex- boyfriend.

However, Stella leaves everyone shocked when she makes a shock announcement.

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Christian has agreed to meet up with Hayley, bye she’s terrified after what happened the last time she saw him.

As Roy and Fiz tell her to be cautious, she worries she’s made a huge mistake, but she insists that she needs to see Christian before she dies.

Will she regret agreeing to see her son?

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