Coronation Street spoiler (Sun, Sep 8, 7pm): Craig goes missing

Karl is in a panic when the police start asking him questions about Craig’s disappearance, and although he manages to remain calm he’s struggling to keep things together.

With Dev and Jason trying to decipher Craig’s note, will they work out the truth about what really happened to Sunita?

Meanwhile, the factory girls pay Hayley a visit and rally round her in her time of need, but Roy is struggling to cope with his wife’s prognosis.

Will he be able to carry on as normal or is Roy about to fall apart?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, David and Kylie make a fuss of Max for his birthday, but when they start talking about Lily’s christening he goes in a mood.

The mood soon changes, however, when David suggests to a delighted Max that he’d like to adopt him, but will David be able to keep a lid on his guilt over everything that’s happened with Nick?

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