Coronation Street spoiler (Mon, Aug 19, 7.30pm): Lloyd is attacked

Paul is in no mood to celebrate his birthday after spending the day in court and receiving community service for hi attack on Lloyd, but Eileen suggests a lads night out to cheer him up.

Steve, Lloyd and Brian tag along, but when none of Paul’s workmates turn up he blames Lloyd for making his workmates think he’s a racist.

As Paul, Steve and Brian head home, Lloyd stays in the pub to chat up the barmaid, but when he is approached by a gang making racist digs, it looks like he could be in trouble…

Meanwhile, Craig is desperate to talk to Karl, but when Stella finds him drinking vodka in the ginnel, she takes him home to a panic-stricken Beth.

With Karl in hot pursuit, will Karl get to Craig before he reveals all to Stella?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Leanne walks in on Gail, Kylie and David talking about her and loses her temper, accusing them of gossiping.

With Leanne clearly on edge, how will David react?

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