Coronation Street spoiler (Mon, July 22, 8.30pm): Hayley gets bad news

Hayley has been worried about her health in recent weeks, and she’s left devastated when the consultant reveals that she has stage two pancreatic cancer.

As the doctor tells her that she’ll need an operation to remove the tumour along with chemotherapy, Hayley is left feeling numb.

Will she confide in Roy?

Meanwhile, Peter is forced to play into Rob and Tracy’s hands and is left feeling frustrated over his predicament.

Confiding in Deirdre that he feels demasculated with Carla now the main breadwinner, how will Deirdre react?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Nick is stunned when the trading standards inspector reveals that the spirits in the Bistro have been watered down.

Faced with a big fine or a prison sentence, Nick starts to panic. Has David ruined his brother’s life?

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