Coronation Street spoiler (Wed, Jun 19, 7.30pm): will David jump?

David and Kylie have arrived at the cottage, but David has spent the night on the sofa, much to Kylie’s annoyance.

When she asks David what’s wrong he goes out for a walk to clear his head, but tormented by images of Kylie with Nick, he soon finds himself standing on the edge of a cliff.

Will he jump?

Meanwhile, Michelle takes Katy to the pub, leaving Steve and Ryan to look after Joseph, and Michelle suggests to Katy that she should try and make a go of things with Chesney instead of wasting her time on Ryan.

How will Katy react?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Dev is stunned when he hears Stella’s announcement but he wishes her and Karl luck for the future, leaving Karl struggling to hide his guilt, while Dennis is annoyed with Rita for offering to use her life savings to pay Tina’s legal fees.

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