Coronation Street horror as Gary attacks Phelan leaving him for dead

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass will be left in a blind state of panic next week, after fearing he could have killed business partner Pat Phelan, following a heated row.

The pair will come to blows when Gary confronts Phelan after learning that he had made a pass at his mum, Anna.

“Gary’s furious and he wants to kill him straight away, but thinks how can he go about this the right way? So he decides to have a quiet word with him first of all after work. He calls him aside,” Mikey North, who plays Gary in the soap, said.

“Phelan starts winding him up, saying his mum was coming on to him and she’s a tart, and all of this. And he snaps, Gary snaps, and gives him the big Windass right hand.”

The pair come to blows, and as he tries to overpower Phelan, Gary grabs the nearest thing to him – a massive wooden pole.

Battering Phelan over the head, Gary’s business contact ends up slumped over, motionless, on top of a pile of concrete. Has Gary killed him?

Panicking, Gary calls Owen to explain what he’s done, and the pair decide to return to the building site. But there’s a surprise in store...

“Just when things can’t get any worse, Gary and Owen come back to the mill to find the body and assess the damage. And he’s gone.

“We don’t know what’s happened to the body, we don’t know at that point. Is he dead? Has he gone off somewhere? Has he gone to the police? Has he gone and told Anna?

“There’s fireworks about to fly for the Windasses.”

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