Coronation Street’s Roy to get a message from the grave from Hayley

Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper is about to receive messages from the grave from late wife Hayley, in a surprise plot on the soap.

In a P.S. I Love You style storyline on the programme, Roy will begin to receive packages with special messages inside, which Hayley organised for him to received after her death.

And it could be just the thing to catapult Roy into beginning to pick up the pieces after her passing, and start to help him move on with his life again.

David Neilson, who plays the part of Roy in Corrie, spoke about the surprise packages, which begin to appear after he returns to his home after disappearing in suspicious circumstances.

“When Roy returns there is a bit of a mystery because these parcels start arriving for him. They’re from Hayley. She’s pre-ordered these things for Roy and that actually takes him through the next part of his journey really, because it’s a message from the other side. “

David added: “Mary’s very keen to know what’s in them, but Roy won’t let her know. And I’m not letting you know either. You’ll have to watch it!”

This week we’ll see Roy finally return to the street after going AWOL.

When Fiz and Anna discovered Roy had lied about going to stay with family after Hayley’s death, they began to question exactly what he was doing, and feared for the worst.

Terrified that he’s done something stupid in his current state, the pair launched a search party, as they began a desperate hunt for him.

“Roy’s been missing the last couple of weeks, he’s gone AWOL after Hayley’s death hit him hard. People obviously worry,” David Neilson, who plays Roy, explained. “Fiz becomes very concerned with his absence. He’s very much a loner so I don’t think he thinks anyone will notice.”

Luckily after bumping into Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald at a science museum, he’s convinced to return to the community, where his friends and neighbours are anxiously awaiting his return.

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