Coronation Street: Hayley’s Diary part one – overcoming a fear of puppets

Coronation Street’s Hayley Cropper can be seen overcoming a childhood fear of puppets, in the first of a special exclusive online video series called Hayley’s Diary.

After her terminal cancer diagnosis, Hayley is determined to work through a ‘bucket list’ of wishes, tackling things she’s always wanted to do or achieve in her life.

Launching on Monday September 30 at 9pm, the video series gives a rare glimpse into Hayley’s world, as she does everything she can to celebrate her life.

In the first part, Roy tries to make Hayley smile with an impromptu puppet show. But absolutely terrified of the dolls, Hayley recoils in fear.

“I went to a Punch and Judy show when I was little in Morecombe, and they terrified me. It was so rough and violent and I thought, ‘I hope I don’t grow up like that.’”

Supportive Roy won’t let his wife back out though and encourages her to overcome her fear, as he takes centre-stage and puts this thespian skills to the test, in a hilarious clip.

There are three exclusive online videos showing Hayley as she continues ticking off her wish-list, with a camping trip with a difference and a visit to the boating lake where she shared her first kiss with Roy to follow.

To add to this, Coronation Street scriptwriter Ellen Taylor has penned 12 funny and moving blogs in Hayley’s own words to run alongside the extra scenes between September 30 and mid-October.

And fans can also check out a series of uplifting photographs that will accompany the blog and will show Hayley do everything - from teaching Roy how to drive and letting go of 99 red balloons, to saddling up and riding on the back of a Harley Davidson!

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