Coronation Street video exclusive: will Nick survive?

Nick has been living on a knife edge for the last few weeks since David started his campaign of terror in an attempt to ruin his brother’s life, and Nick is horrified when he finds out that David has been behind all the bad things that have been happening to him lately.

Admitting the truth to David about his one night stand with Kylie, Nick thinks that the best thing for everyone would be for him and David to reveal everything to Kylie and Leanne, but David is terrified that he’ll lose Kylie if she finds out what he’s been doing.

As he and Nick start arguing, disaster strikes as they swerve into the path of an oncoming lorry, leaving Nick fighting for his life.

Ben Price, who plays Nick, revealed: “After the crash I am in a coma. Davis is okay but I take all the impact and they put me in a medically induced coma and don’t know whether I’m going to live.

“I think when David sees the state Nick is in he wants some sort of forgiveness and he wants to make peace before Nick dies, but when David starts apologising, Tina walks in…”

With Tina having heard everything, is the truth about to come out, and will Nick pull through to witness the fallout if it does?

“After a while there’s so many strands of people knowing that the secret gets bigger and bigger and just explodes,” Ben said. “I hope I will be around but maybe I won’t wake up…”

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