BGT 2013: Richard and Adam come third behind Attraction and Jack Carroll

Musical duo Richard and Adam have come third on Britain’s Got Talent 2013.

The pair were absolutely stunned to take third place on the TV talent show and couldn’t hide their delight as the audience broke out in rapturous applause.

The talented twosome were beaten by Jack Carroll, who came second, and Attraction, who won the TV talent show.

Simon Cowell was left furious earlier in the evening during Richard and Adam’s final Britain’s Got Talent performance when a woman from the audience ran on stage and threw eggs at the pair.

The talented singing duo were left stunned by the woman’s antics, and as she was dragged off stage, the boys acted like pros and continued with their performance, delivering an astounding rendition of classic track The Impossible Dream from musical Man of La Mancha.

The brothers received a standing ovation for their performance, and Simon, who had also had eggs thrown at him and had to take his jacket off, was furious over the earlier incident and said: “I sent a tweet out yesterday saying I don’t like eggs and I really don’t like eggs now!”

He then went on to praise the boys’ performance and added: “That was so much better than anything I have heard from you before.

“I don’t think you’re the best singers but you have determination and the public will root for you. I think you can win this competition after that.”

David also loved the performance and added: “When you guys first appeared on BGT people were talking about you two and that was amazing, so well done guys.

Alesha told the delighted duo: “Your voices just move me and you were so good. I’m sorry about what happened but you carried on and were wonderful so well done.”

Amanda was also extremely pleased with the performance and added: “There’s something magical about you, and the only person with egg on their face is that stupid cow [from the audience]. Well done.”

Richard and Adam were over the moon with the judges’ comments, and as their nan cheered them on they said: “It’s been absolutely amazing and incredible so thanks so much everybody for everything.”

The boys impressed the judges during their very first audition and sailed into the final after an amazing semi-final performance, and they were overjoyed to come third in tonight's live show.

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