Aaron Crow dangerously fruity with Dec in Britain’s Got Talent semi-final

When Aaron Crow first appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent stage during the auditions, he blew the judges away with his extremely dangerous stunt.

Could he top that in the semi-finals?

Using Declan Donnelly as his glamorous assistant, the man of mystery performed a stunt involving an apple, which had Amanda Holden’s very expensive engagement ring at the core, which was placed on a terrified looking Dec’s head – much to Ant’s delight.

Aaron then stood on a revolving platform, bow and arrow in hand, and managed to shoot the arrow through the apple, hitting a target, complete with the ring on it.

Incredible – and incredible that Dec walked away in one piece.

But were the judges impressed?

David Walliams said: “Aaron it’s so brave of you to put other peoples lives in incredible danger.”

He then joked: “If you get through to the final, I would like to see Simon put in terrible danger.” We think he was joking.

Alesha Dixon gushed: “Aaron I think you’re incredible. The magic and the mystery of your act - I would love to see you in a move playing a baddie. Women are going to love you.”

Amanda Holden’s sister seems to be one of those women, as she told the performer: “My sister’s very interested in you!”

Beck to the show, she then added: “You are like an international man of mystery. You have this aura, this sex appeal and I would love to see you in the final.”

Simon Cowell wasn’t so sure – perhaps he didn’t like the idea of being his next assistant!

He said: “It was good, again not as good as the first audition. I didn’t like the music and kind of wanted you to go about three or four inches below the target this time. It would have been a better act. It was good but not great.”

So a mixed bag there. Has Aaron fired his way into the viewers’ hearts? Can he make it through to the BGT 2013 final? We’ll find out when the results show kicks off at 9.30 tonight.

For now, you can watch Aaron’s first audition here.

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